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Facial Lesions: Before and After Treatment

Seborroic Keratosis after Cryo Therapy Amelanotic Nevus after Excision Filiform Wart after Cryo Therapy Melanocytic Nevus after Cryo Therapy Cutaneous Neurofibroma after Excision Melanocytic Nevus after Excision


Treatment of certain skin diseases using ultra-violet light is called phototherapy. Two types of UV rays are used in phototherapy, namely UVB and UVA. Treatment with UVB does not require intake of any sensitizing chemicals whereas treatment with UVA requires intake or application of photosensitizing chemicals called psoralens. Treatment can be done either using sunlight …

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Simple Excision

Simple excision is used to remove a variety of dermal and epidermal benign lesions. Sometimes, certain suspicious lesions are excised for histopathological examination. Various methods of excision are: Shave excision: For benign, pedunculated lesions Punch excision: For well defined, spherical lesions Fusiform excision: For irregularly shaped or large lesions The procedure is done under local …

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Electro Surgery

Electrosurgery is among the most versatile tool used in clinical practice. This modality allows for the rapid and cost-effective treatment of myriad of lesions, both benign and malignant. Electrosurgery is a procedure by which the tissue is removed or destroyed by electrical energy. This energy, usually in the form of high frequency alternating current, is …

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Cryo Surgery

Cryo surgery literally means ‘cold handiwork’. It makes use of local freezing for the controlled destruction or removal of living, but abnormal tissue. Mechanisms by which cryo surgery causes destruction of unwanted tissue are: Intracellular and extracellular ice formation causing mechanical damage to cells. Osmotic changes within the cells due to ice crystal formation that …

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Collagen Induction

Collagen Induction Treatment, or commonly known as Dermaroller Treatment, is a new treatment modality that offers excellent results acne scars and ageing skin. It is an office procedure done for indications like: Lax skin, striae Wrinkling Rhytides Scarring (acne and chicken pox) Pigmentary changes (with vitamin C) Acne Scars Before and Dermaroller Introduced in 1997, …

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Chemical Peeling

Skin is a constantly regenerating organ; everyday, cells divide at the basal layer of the epidermis and move upwards to the top-most layer of stratum corneum from where they are shed. As they move upwards, they undergo lot of changes and this process is called keratinization. Chemical peeling is a procedure wherein the exfoliation is …

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