Care for Your Skin!

Skin, along with its appendages and glands, is an organ of protection, perception, perspiration, perfusion, and it reflects one’s personality, boosts one’s performance, and powers metabolism of vitamins and hormones. Thus taking care of the skin is very important, lest the individual gets penalised! Respect your skin and the skin respects you. Don’t take it for granted!

The practice of dermatology has been revolutionised in the past 2 decades. It is now a great blend of the art of medicine and the science of the most latest technology. Many diseases that were once very common, such as skin diseases due to under nutrition and nutritional deficiencies, skin infections, leprosy, sexually transmitted diseases etc., have become uncommon. On the other, many other diseases of the skin such as acne, psoriasis, vitiligo, skin problems related to systemic diseases and other automimmune diseases are on the rise, and many of these problems are being increasingly linked to diet and lifestyle changes.

Also, with the improvement in living standards, there is increased ‘demand’ for improving the health and feel of the skin. Dermatologists of the day are required to be equipped with the skills and tools to help the cosmetic needs of our people.

The latest technological advances such as lasers, nanotechnology, phototherapy, cryotherapy, collagen induction therapy, photography and many more have joined the armament of dermatologists. Present day dermatologists are also trained in cutaneous surgery to treat many skin lesions and to help problems such as scars, baldness etc.